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Jupiter professional toolbox

Jupiter is the handyman's kit to fix the odd job. From tape to tester, with the 34 pcs set, the right tool can't be far away.

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Toolbox content: 1pc 150mm longnose pliers; 1pc 150mm side cutting pliers; 1pc 227g claw hammer with fiberglass handle; 1pc 150mm adjustable wrench; 1pc 3m/13mm measuring tape; 1pc 225mm topedo level with 1 vial; 1pc ratchet screwdriver bits holder; 1pc 18mm heavy duty cutter; 1pc electric tester; 4pcs precision screwdriver; 10pcs bits set; 11pcs hex key set. All in black blow mold PE case with silver aluminium clip locks.

  • Height 31,9 x 26,3 x 6,1 cm.
  • Width 31,9 x 26,3 x 6,1 cm.
  • Weight 2.124gr
  • Minimum quantity of order 10 pcs
  • Delivery 25-30day

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